A New Year, the Old You, and the Wannabe

It is a perfect time to reflect on where life choices have positioned each of us, on the road map of our earthly journey. It can be encouraging to look back and also consider the present and the future. However, the “wannabe…” syndrome can tear down all the gains you’ve made. Yes, Virginia, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to changing and growing in who we are. Rather than enjoy measurable gains in some areas, we allow discouragement to win because we aren’t where we “wannabe”. Often, we give up when we are closest to having more growth because we aren’t happy with our progress. As Jesus said, “…each day has enough trouble of its own…”, yet we can’t see the lighted pathway.

Lord willing, the coming months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and each breath, will give us a chance to act upon our faith, weak or strong. We want to imitate Jesus in our daily life and we need resources to help us. God’s word, the Holy Spirit, and fellowship with one another are essential to our guidance, confidence, and success. Taking the Lord’s Supper together each week is an excellent, God-designed plan for providing all these elements. We also provide a bi-weekly Bible discussion which builds upon God’s foundation for our heavenly fellowship.

Look at upcoming dates for our Bible discussion series, as well as opportunities to utilize our fellowship and communion times. We will be posting our church newsletter to our website in the coming weeks, with past issues, as well as new editions, so you can get news, prayer lists, meditative thoughts, and funny cartoons! Use the tools and resources God puts in front of you, as you step into each day. Just don’t try to use the pliers to bang in a nail!

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