Back to the Future…It’s Always About Love

As summer ends and autumn approaches, it is an excellent time for reflection and a gathering of thoughts. School begins for children of all ages and it is easy to remember the feelings of starting a new year of education, whether as a child or young adult. Some of those memories are strong and can carry us to good places in our minds. Some are difficult and can disable our spirit from growing and maturing. With either path, at the center of each of those is the constant reminder that we need to be loved and we need to give love.

We know this to be true because in our thoughts, if we trace them back in time, they will connect us to memories about people. Maybe our parents sending us off to school with belief and hope; their expectations of our successful adulthood being their prism of vision. It could be memories of friends, teammates, or other familial relationships that bring smiles or sadness to our hearts. In a variety of ways, love is at the center of our memories, and in the same way, loving God is there, too.

Since our birth, God has been reaching out to us to communicate His love for each of us. Uniquely, it is our own love and how he sees us. How do we see God’s love, and experience it, by receiving and giving back to Him? That’s what we will examine and study this fall through early winter: Back to our Future…It’s Always about Love. Come join us in Bi-weekly Bible Discussions on Tuesday nights and every Sunday at 10 am, as we work together to live out the basic foundation of loving God and letting God love us.

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