Faith, Hope and Love

As we begin calendar year 2013, much hope is gathered for change and new beginnings. The hours will whiz by and the days will weeks and months when we live out our schedules and write out the plans on calendars and check off the deeds done and the promises made. But will there be hope written into your time? We all seem to have some kind of faith that propels us forward until we die and love has its own definition and space in our hearts and minds. Where does your hope lay its head and live its life?

We begin our year looking to define our hope. Yes, Col 1:27-28 does say …”Christ in you, the hope of our glory…”, though what it means to you is far more important than what it means to anyone else, because…it is your hope. Peter writes that we should be ready to “…give an answer for the hope that is in you…”. This is your definition, no one else’s’. What is your hope? Come and join us on our discovery of how Jesus gives each of us our own hope, as we believe and love our way from earth to heaven.

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