The Truth About Salvation

Truth About Salvation

  Truth is under attack in our world. There is no doubt that John’s teaching and admonition is true today: “the world lies under the dominion of the evil one”. Everywhere you turn, both spiritually and in the natural world, you see truth being attacked. Deception and lies are the common currency of politicians, government, military and corporate leaders around our human planet.  Culture after culture is losing it’s moral bearings in pursuit of personal definitions of what brings happiness and comfort.

  Does that mean that truth has become irrelevant? People seem to cast of the moral infidelities of leaders, spiritual and otherwise, because those leaders have accomplished something beneficial for the masses. Suggestions that we should hold higher standards in our own country bring cries that the “Puritans” are trying to take charge”. Other cultures in the Islamic world are having a power struggle as to who is the most righteous of the ultra-righteous, and thus, a humungous tribal war that is taking over the Middle Eastern Islamic cultures. Truth is taking a beating.

  Why bring up truth when it comes to salvation? Here’s why:

In John 14:6 Jesus says, “ …I AM THE WAY, AND THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER, BUT THROUGH ME.” That my brothers and sisters, is one stout claim for an poor carpenter to make; one who had to position in this world, except kneeling in the dust of our human existence. HE made a claim that stands to be challenged to this very day. It is challenged by our human knowledge and experiences; our studies in understanding science and how the human bodies function and the nature of the universe; challenged with our own towers of Babel that bring people together for common causes, spiritual and otherwise; challenged by the shifting definitions of what is true and what is not true.

  Please, let us not be deceived by the Father of Lies, the Deceiver. Our salvation is going to be based on following Jesus. He came here to save us from trying to save ourselves through our own humanity and our own resources, which God gave us to use, but not worship. The Truth of Salvation is Jesus. He teaches us how to not let truth be hidden by our flesh. All of this fall we will be studying the various truth(s) about Salvation from it’s simplest form through baptism and its more complicated reality based in living life.


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Evening of Fellowship at St. Pierre’s of Westfield!

It does sound so elegant- and it will be special because of all the “saints” in attendance! We will be celebrating our love for God and one another with a pot-luck dinner at Paul and Sue St. Pierre’s home at 6pm on Wednesday, October 23rd. Please sign-up for what you’ll be bringing so we can plan accordingly. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Fellowship Dinner at the Hastings!

Great food, fun and inspirational conversations, new games to play, laughs to be had… all because we meet together to have a meal! Join us at the Hastings home in South Hadley, (not their RI home because they won’t be there!), at 6pm Wednesday, February 27th. The sign-up list for organizing food and drinks will be at our communion service on Sunday. See you soon!

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Salmon Fishing, Not on the Yemen…in New York!

All are invited to go with us to New York for salmon fishing April 12th through the 13th. The cost is approximately $300 for our overnight adventure. We will be doing a float trip with guides to ensure we catch lots of fish! Our nightime stay will be at a Bed and Breakfast near the river. See Paul St. Pierre for further details.

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Faith, Hope and Love

As we begin calendar year 2013, much hope is gathered for change and new beginnings. The hours will whiz by and the days will weeks and months when we live out our schedules and write out the plans on calendars and check off the deeds done and the promises made. But will there be hope written into your time? We all seem to have some kind of faith that propels us forward until we die and love has its own definition and space in our hearts and minds. Where does your hope lay its head and live its life?

We begin our year looking to define our hope. Yes, Col 1:27-28 does say …”Christ in you, the hope of our glory…”, though what it means to you is far more important than what it means to anyone else, because…it is your hope. Peter writes that we should be ready to “…give an answer for the hope that is in you…”. This is your definition, no one else’s’. What is your hope? Come and join us on our discovery of how Jesus gives each of us our own hope, as we believe and love our way from earth to heaven.

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Back to the Future…It’s Always About Love

As summer ends and autumn approaches, it is an excellent time for reflection and a gathering of thoughts. School begins for children of all ages and it is easy to remember the feelings of starting a new year of education, whether as a child or young adult. Some of those memories are strong and can carry us to good places in our minds. Some are difficult and can disable our spirit from growing and maturing. With either path, at the center of each of those is the constant reminder that we need to be loved and we need to give love.

We know this to be true because in our thoughts, if we trace them back in time, they will connect us to memories about people. Maybe our parents sending us off to school with belief and hope; their expectations of our successful adulthood being their prism of vision. It could be memories of friends, teammates, or other familial relationships that bring smiles or sadness to our hearts. In a variety of ways, love is at the center of our memories, and in the same way, loving God is there, too.

Since our birth, God has been reaching out to us to communicate His love for each of us. Uniquely, it is our own love and how he sees us. How do we see God’s love, and experience it, by receiving and giving back to Him? That’s what we will examine and study this fall through early winter: Back to our Future…It’s Always about Love. Come join us in Bi-weekly Bible Discussions on Tuesday nights and every Sunday at 10 am, as we work together to live out the basic foundation of loving God and letting God love us.

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Summer Time Spirit!

This is a wonderful season of our New England year. The summer sun sets late so you can stay outdoors in the twilight until 9pm and enjoy the moon’s rising and sunset at the same time. Birds sing melodiously in the dawn’s awakening and the evening dusk. Cool breezes in the afternoon make for a peaceful cloud-watching experience as you lie under shadows from the trees…

it reminds one of Paul’s admonition : “whatever is noble, right, pure, think about these things…” . Christ’s peace can be found in multiple ways; allowing God’s earthly creation to bring comfort to your soul is one way to experience joy in your relationship with God. Try setting time aside each day to experience what God has provided for each of us, no matter where we live and what we think surrounds us. God is there, whispering our name, moving our spirit to connect to His Spirit. Read Romans 8, today, and enjoy the rest of your sumer spirit.

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Howzit Goin’?

A New Year a New You…how is it going? Truly, it is so exciting to think about all we want to do in growing and changing, though so hard to keep on task! Hopefully you are being patient with yourself and taking in the sights and other joys of your journey while you travel down your highway of life.

If we can help, we would love to be a part of your walk. Every couple weeks we meet to discuss the Book of Philippians. A letter of Love that sought to encourage followers of Jesus to love more deeply and…more practically. Sometimes we can make our faith and walk with God too complicated, doctrinal and “high-minded”. Join us,as we try to help each other keep love simple and livable.

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A New Year, the Old You, and the Wannabe

It is a perfect time to reflect on where life choices have positioned each of us, on the road map of our earthly journey. It can be encouraging to look back and also consider the present and the future. However, the “wannabe…” syndrome can tear down all the gains you’ve made. Yes, Virginia, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to changing and growing in who we are. Rather than enjoy measurable gains in some areas, we allow discouragement to win because we aren’t where we “wannabe”. Often, we give up when we are closest to having more growth because we aren’t happy with our progress. As Jesus said, “…each day has enough trouble of its own…”, yet we can’t see the lighted pathway.

Lord willing, the coming months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and each breath, will give us a chance to act upon our faith, weak or strong. We want to imitate Jesus in our daily life and we need resources to help us. God’s word, the Holy Spirit, and fellowship with one another are essential to our guidance, confidence, and success. Taking the Lord’s Supper together each week is an excellent, God-designed plan for providing all these elements. We also provide a bi-weekly Bible discussion which builds upon God’s foundation for our heavenly fellowship.

Look at upcoming dates for our Bible discussion series, as well as opportunities to utilize our fellowship and communion times. We will be posting our church newsletter to our website in the coming weeks, with past issues, as well as new editions, so you can get news, prayer lists, meditative thoughts, and funny cartoons! Use the tools and resources God puts in front of you, as you step into each day. Just don’t try to use the pliers to bang in a nail!

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A Change of Season is The Reason

We live in a part of God’s earthly creation, where the change in seasons, brings an opportunity to “turn over a new leaf” while the forests around us turn into colors of brilliant magnificence…the very nature of God. Come join … Continue reading

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