Summer of Spirit and Fellowship

We have begun to plan our summer for spiritual fellowship and renewal of our hearts. Please return to our site in a few weeks to check on our activities, as we continue our walk down the road of life! Come by and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with us any Sunday in Granby. refer to our calendar of events during the summer, as we may be meeting for a picnic at other locations. We hope you’ll join us.

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Book of James- Live It!

Our Thursday night Bible discussions are centered on the Book of James, from February through May. James’ letter is a faith and life challenge for those who choose to follow Jesus’ footsteps. It is one of the most practical books in the Bible, and along with Proverbs, which makes you look at your everyday life from a magnified perspective of faith in action.

Join us every other Thursday, starting on February 3rd, from 7:15pm to 8pm at the Beaudry’s home in South Hadley.

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A New Year and a Renewed Love for God and His Word!

We begin our calendar New Year with a renewed commitment to love. God is love! We hope to walk with God and learn how to love the way that He loves. To do this we are trying to put our faith into action by reading God’s word daily as a whole “ekklessia” of believers. We have a daily calendar of Bible reading we are going to use together throughout 2011. Our Sunday lessons and Bible discussions will be aligned with what we are all reading. We believe that as we will grow in our love, in all ways, as we seek to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and hearts. it sounds so encouraging- now we have to do it with lour faith in action. Please join us in our desire to be more loving and active in our communities. Joy to the World

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“Living Color Heroes in a Black and White World”- Sundays this Fall

On our Communion Sundays we will be looking at “insignificant” people who had a “significant” influence in God’s spiritual Kingdom. These are people who were ordinary folks, who chose to become extraordinary, by allowing God to use them to intervene, exhort, rebuke, encourage, educate and love those who needed it. We will have occasional skits performed by our young students and taught by one of our experienced teachers, Sue St. Pierre.

Join us on Sundays at 10am-11am!

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Mcray’s Cup, Sunday August 29th!

Our women are defending, 2-time champions of the esteemed Mcray’s Cup golf championship. We will be having our annual match, men vs. women on Sunday, August 29th, 1pm at Mcray’s Farm in South Hadley. Our Communion service begins at 11am at the Hastings home on Lathrop Street, with lunch to follow. Everyone is welcome to participate in the mini-golf, or be a vibrant spectator cheering on the victors with ice cream cones in hand afterwards!

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Thursday June 10th: Until We Meet Again!

We’ll be celebrating and sharing good times with Jennifer and Joel Rivera, as they are moving to North Carolina. Party starts at the Hastings home at 7:15 and ends when Jen and Joel leave in their moving trucks! Plenty of good food and planned roasting ( of persons) will be available.

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Sunday Communion- Celebrate Jesus’s Resurrection

Join us at 10am to celebrate our Lord’s Supper and honor His life and resurrection. We are discussing 2Chronicles and God’s working on His people’s faith.

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Potluck Lunch! Sunday, January 31st

Our communion will start at 11 am on Sunday, January 31st. Afterwards, we’ll be going to Marion and Ken Roberts home for a potluck lunch and some rewarding fellowship.

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Thursday Bible Study Discussion

Upcoming Bible study discussions will be on alternating Thursdays and based on 1st and 2nd Peter, Philemon and Jude. Come join us at 7:15pm at the Beaudry’s home for this group study. We will be done by 8:15pm, in the interest of getting the school children home as early as possible. Here are the following dates to set aside: January 7th, 21st, Feb 4th, 18th, Mar 4th, 18th April 1st, 15th, 29th, May 13th, 27th, June 10th, Planning Time June 17th .

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Christmas Services, December 13th and 20th

Join us as we share communion and discuss the historical and spiritual impact of Jesus’ birth. We will discuss questions like: why was a virgin birth part of God’s design?; are there other virgin births in spiritual writings?; why didn’t Satan kill Jesus when he was an infant?; who were the wise men and what role did they play in God’s design?; what does Jesus’ birth have to do with my faith in God?; and many more…

Come visit and ask your own questions about Jesus, and we will discuss them. We can’t guarantee to have the answer for every question. We can promise that we will help you weigh your thoughts, opinions and feelings about your faith. We look forward to seeing you.

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