Summer Time Spirit!

This is a wonderful season of our New England year. The summer sun sets late so you can stay outdoors in the twilight until 9pm and enjoy the moon’s rising and sunset at the same time. Birds sing melodiously in the dawn’s awakening and the evening dusk. Cool breezes in the afternoon make for a peaceful cloud-watching experience as you lie under shadows from the trees…

it reminds one of Paul’s admonition : “whatever is noble, right, pure, think about these things…” . Christ’s peace can be found in multiple ways; allowing God’s earthly creation to bring comfort to your soul is one way to experience joy in your relationship with God. Try setting time aside each day to experience what God has provided for each of us, no matter where we live and what we think surrounds us. God is there, whispering our name, moving our spirit to connect to His Spirit. Read Romans 8, today, and enjoy the rest of your sumer spirit.

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