The Art of Living: Jesus Style

The Art of Living: Jesus Style

Is it fiction or is it true? Jesus said in the Gospel of John chapter 10: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Other than Jesus saying He is the Son of God AND that He would save us from our sins, this promise of a full life is audacious in its essence. It may actually be easier to accept the ethereal truth of intangible deity and forgiveness than the real-world tangible results of living on this earth. Someone could say that He is only talking about eternal life but that would put the context of when he said it out of kilter. Rather, the two concepts of life, eternal and earthly are tied together as to the purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth as a man, and as the Son of God.

You may ask (and I hope you ask yourself) the reasonable question: “Why is it important that Jesus’ intention is to give us a full life is both eternal and earthly?” That is because without one, you cannot have the other. They are tied together. If you aren’t born into this earthly realm, you cannot experience the forgiveness and grace of living in the flesh and overcoming sin, yours and others. If you experience an earthly life but deny the eternal power of God, then your earthly life will end and you will still experience eternity, but not to the fullness that God wants or designed for His creation. If you experience earthly life and follow Jesus, there is a promise that you will have a full life, learning how to love God and mankind, the two greatest commandments. In fact, Jesus promises that we can know His voice and that He will be our Shepherd. This meaning implies that He will feed us, keep us safe and lead us to the best pastures for our lives.

The thieves of this worldly existence try to lead us as well. They influence to want “things” or to place value on objects, possessions, people and ideas that keep us focused on the self and its wants. Promise after promise is heard across the sound of radio, tv, movies, music and written on the pages of books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and the like. These commitments are shallow and can be life-sucking or destructive. Pursuit of these dreams is not the problem. It is the belief that by obtaining such we will find our happiness. Pursuit of happiness begins and ends with finding the balance of power we give the competing voices for our ears and minds: the voice of the thieves of this world and voice of Jesus calling to us. God uses all things to teach and guide us, but not all things are profitable for one’s soul. May God grant us the continued grace to find His truth, to find the right balance.

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