The Art of Love

The Art of Loving

Every adult has a definition of love, whether they can articulate it or not. Infant children experience love and often express it in terms adults can understand…with smiles and giggles or cries and frowns. Watching a newborn develop and grow from a Grandparent’s perspective, it is clear now I missed this. As a young father my concerns were different and my attentiveness was focused on just providing. Now I can see the nuances of how being loved causes one to react for both infant and adult.

An infant that is warmly loved and has the affections and attention of a mother and father, and others, will experience the care and comforts of their needs being attend-ed. Kept fed, dry, sheltered, kissed, hugged and given almost constant attention, an infant enjoys this stage of life. During this period, when discomforts come, the cries and frowns produce reaction to their needs and response times are quick. The happy faces and laughter come from the “everything is good” periods and quite naturally, these are the times we ALL adore and cherish. However, you can’t have one without the other. This is a reality that affects both sides of this love equation.

As the child ages and the loving parents allow the infant to entertain his or her self, the attention to the cries become more attuned to the parents perception of what is a threat to safety, an irritation of health or emotion, or simply wanting attention. There are no parents that get this 100% correct and thus, the learning curve and the development of the art form of loving as a parent. All the books written about par-enting piled as high as Mount Everest won’t help a parent make a correct decision about a parenting choice, if love for your child isn’t at the center of that decision. Because there are so many competing love interests for adults, parents have difficulty in having perfectly clear decisions. Add to this the human dilemma of not being able to see the future or the past clearly and you now have a major flaw in your choice: you don’t really know how it will turn out. It is not black and white. It is colored with options.

God does have that ability as our Father. He can tie it all together, love us, guide us; give us the choices and work to bring us home to Him. We can learn to love with patience the way He does. We can learn to love the way He allows us to make choic-es and clarifies our options. We can learn to love by the way He forgives and allows us to make mistakes, and still be loved. After all, it is an art form and our souls are the canvas.

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