The True Power of THE Resurrection

There is very little in life that you can guarantee, as long as you are alive:

#1 will always be death; once given life, death is inevitable

#2 the universe is beyond your control

#3 human-kind will be good and evil

Maybe you have others, but these few alone leave one feeling a bit overwhelmed with how these guarantees are so all-encompassing and leave many questions as to how did we get here and why? God believed in His creation so much that He hoped for us to discover His love, embedded in our existence. Setting aside the battle between good versus evil, the other two are ominous as to how our Creator has designed us to be in a position to look for Him and realize that we are as infinitely powerless as the vastness of the universe and the mystery of life’s creation and death. Yes, we know how we procreate and why death occurs, but there’s still enough mystery to keep us honest about the power behind both. God’s design works if you let it hit you right between your mind and heart. He forces us to face who we really are in the scheme in Creation.

The one troublesome area to accept in Creation, that makes little sense at times, is the struggle between good and evil. How is one to overcome such horrendous evil that surrounds our lives, some, in which we’ve participated? Though it is not as ominous as the other two, this battle is also designed to demonstrate how much God loves us. We agonize over the wars, child abuse, drugs and alcohol taking lives, along with violence, hatred and obsessive and indulgent life choices. How can you live in this world and NOT sin, hurting yourself and those you love? How can one person change the world around them?

John 3:16 is so very true, He loved us so much that He sent us His son to show us how to live in the midst of evil. God had faith to believe Jesus could live a life without sin; He hoped for mankind to follow His steps and He loved us so much, that He let Him die so that we could have an example of a human being tempted in everyway, but never choosing sin. Jesus had no special powers to resist sin, just faith in His Father to get Him what He needed; He hoped for His people to gather with Him and He hoped to be rescued by His Father; Jesus loved us so much, that He laid down His life, He loved His Father so much that He stayed on the cross and waited…His and Our Father raised Him from death to live forever as His Son and Our Savior.

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