The Truth About Salvation

Truth About Salvation

  Truth is under attack in our world. There is no doubt that John’s teaching and admonition is true today: “the world lies under the dominion of the evil one”. Everywhere you turn, both spiritually and in the natural world, you see truth being attacked. Deception and lies are the common currency of politicians, government, military and corporate leaders around our human planet.  Culture after culture is losing it’s moral bearings in pursuit of personal definitions of what brings happiness and comfort.

  Does that mean that truth has become irrelevant? People seem to cast of the moral infidelities of leaders, spiritual and otherwise, because those leaders have accomplished something beneficial for the masses. Suggestions that we should hold higher standards in our own country bring cries that the “Puritans” are trying to take charge”. Other cultures in the Islamic world are having a power struggle as to who is the most righteous of the ultra-righteous, and thus, a humungous tribal war that is taking over the Middle Eastern Islamic cultures. Truth is taking a beating.

  Why bring up truth when it comes to salvation? Here’s why:

In John 14:6 Jesus says, “ …I AM THE WAY, AND THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER, BUT THROUGH ME.” That my brothers and sisters, is one stout claim for an poor carpenter to make; one who had to position in this world, except kneeling in the dust of our human existence. HE made a claim that stands to be challenged to this very day. It is challenged by our human knowledge and experiences; our studies in understanding science and how the human bodies function and the nature of the universe; challenged with our own towers of Babel that bring people together for common causes, spiritual and otherwise; challenged by the shifting definitions of what is true and what is not true.

  Please, let us not be deceived by the Father of Lies, the Deceiver. Our salvation is going to be based on following Jesus. He came here to save us from trying to save ourselves through our own humanity and our own resources, which God gave us to use, but not worship. The Truth of Salvation is Jesus. He teaches us how to not let truth be hidden by our flesh. All of this fall we will be studying the various truth(s) about Salvation from it’s simplest form through baptism and its more complicated reality based in living life.


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