Welcome to the Priesthood!

Most folks want to be viewed as unique and/or special. A few might want to be recognized and notable to others, while some people choose to be anonymous or “under-the-radar” while still being known for their individual traits. In most cultures that have religion or worship, there is a minority of people who are given the title, responsibility or have earned the calling of being the “priest” or “medicine man”, “empress” or “witch doctor”. These individuals are set apart for their ability to connect their culture or community to the spiritual realms that influence their earthly, and sometimes, after-life. It is important to note that, in virtually all instances of such arrangements, these individuals are small in number and not ever in the majority…with the exception of one religion…New Testament Christianity.

1Peter 2:4-10 is very clear AND specific. Followers of Christ, true disciples, true Christians are being built into a “holy priesthood” and they are a “chosen people, a royal priesthood”, according to the apostle Peter. Though they may be unique to their broader village, community or culture, among other Christians they are all viewed the same and equal: priests. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked! To understand the full role and responsibility of being a priest, it would take many pages to explain, so let’s zoom in on the key role of a priest from the Bible, which is to represent God to mankind and to represent mankind to God.

From Melchizedek, to Aaron, the Levites and to Jesus, their main responsibility was to represent God’s communication and man’s connection to their Creator and Father of their lives. Others words for this role might be: mediator or channeler or medium. But that is not the word God uses to describe because the definition of the word “priest” is rooted in sacrifice; one who offers sacri-fice. This is more than a mediator, it is a position of sacrifice in a variety of ways that are supposed to help make God’s and mankind’s communication and relationship with each other better and best; a solid definition for a Christian.

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